When you realise your dog has a noise phobia, you should set out to create a plan for him/her which means when you fear fireworks displays may take place nearby, or neighbours may decide to have their own back garden events, you can start ‘operation zen den’.

This should begin with an early teatime so he can be walked earlier. Often, we’ll use this same time to begin giving him supplements or specialist anxiety medication for dogs, which can sometimes take hours to take effect.

Shut all windows, also keeping any cats safe, and limit his access to windows without blinds, so he can’t see them or anticipate sound coming.

put TVs or music on both upstairs and down to conceal any noise outside and give each dog a treat-filled toy or chew bone to occupy them.

His safe space should be available so he can retreat to it whenever he feels anxious, so we make sure everything he needs to get through fireworks season is ready – TV or radio on, bed in the corner, blanket under the table, water bowl, toys and chews – is set up and waiting for him.

 It won’t always eliminate the problem, especially when fireworks erupt outside of the usual Bonfire events on November 5th or New Year’s Eve, but having a plan in place means you know you’re doing all we can to try and help him and keep him safe.